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Waxing + IPL


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Chin 11/60

Brow 16/n.a.

Upper Lip 11

Face 30/90

Arm 35/175

Underarm 25/65

Half Leg 32/200

Full Leg 55/355

Bikini 32/90

Extended Bikini 42/105

Brazilian 52/120

Full Back 55/250

Half Back 35/140

Shoulders 30/110

Pectorals 25/150

Abdomen 25/150

Full Chest 45/230


Laser – I.P.L. (Intense Pulse Light)

This long lasting, progressive hair removal process is achieved by using light energy that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The light heats the hair follicle and destroys everything that promotes hair growth without damaging the surrounding tissue. IPL hair removal is gentler than laser and much faster as larger areas can be treated with each flash.

* We recommend avoiding sun exposure and body scrubs for at least 24 hours before and after waxing and I.P.L.

* We have more areas available, pricing available upon request


what can i expect from my first ipl appointment?


During your first visit, a full consultation will be conducted to ensure that you have no contraindications for any Sheerwave®  IPL 360 treatments. To ensure the appropriate parameter settings of the Sheerwave® IPL 360, the technician will evaluate the client’s skin and skin color along with the area(s) to be treated. The technician will always make sure to select the lowest settings to ensure maximum safety.

The technician will clean the area to be treated and apply a cooling gel. Protective glasses will be worn in order to protect both client and technician from the flashes coming from the Sheerwave®  IPL 360. The Sheerwave® IPL 360 hand piece will be placed over the area to be treated and a series of flashes will be triggered with a minimum of 0.5 second between each flash. Once the treatment is completed, the gel will be wiped off and the technician will apply any after treatment creams including a sun protection.

For permanent hair reduction treatment, client will have to shave the areas to be treated 24 hours before the treatment. For blond or white hair, the technician will perform a waxing before the treatment.

What will i feel?

A bright flash is emitted and a slight heat is dissipated. The Sheerwave® IPL 360 technology concentrates the majority of its energy beyond the cutaneous nerve endings thus significantly reducing the heat generated during the treatment. With its integrated cooling system, each treatment with the Sheerwave® IPL 360 turns into a comfortable, pain-free experience.

how many treatments will i need?

Permanent hair reduction:

Depending on your hair type and the area to be treated, 5 to 8 treatments with a 3 to 6 week interval.

Photo rejuvenation:

The number of sessions required will depend on the treatment chosen, the size of the area to be treated and your phototype. Some skin conditions will require a followup maintenance treatmens in order to achieve the desired results. This will all be discussed during the consultation (first visit).


what can i expect after?

n most cases, no visible reaction will be observed and you can resume normal activities immediately after your treatment. However, the Sheerwave® IPL 360 does dissipate heat to the targeted tissues and it is entirely normal that the area be slightly red or slightly swollen immediately after the treatment. These symptoms should quickly dissipate within one hour of your treatment. It is possible that these symptoms may persist up to 24 hours after your treatment. If they continue to be visible after 48 hours, it is important to contact your technician for further analysis.

am i a candidate?

All individuals with phototypes I to III are eligible to receive Sheerwave® IPL 360 treatments. It is Not Advised for individuals with phototypes IV to VI. 

What precautions should be taken before an ipl treatment?

Exposure to the sun and tanning:

No treatment with the Sheerwave® IPL 360 can be performed if you have been exposed to UVs (sun, tanning booth) 4 to 6 weeks before your treatment. If you have a tan with a self-tanning product, a 2-week waiting period will be required before you receive your Sheerwave® IPL 360 treatment.

Bleaching cream, depilatory cream, AHA cream, chemical peel:

These products should not be used at least 2 weeks before your treatment with the Sheerwave® IPL 360.

what precautions should be taken after an ipl treatment?

Within 24 hours of your treatment: